Vidbel Mountain Homestead

Our farm in the sky

Vidbel Mountain Homestead is a five generation farm in the Catskill Mountains. Owned by Guillaume Dufresnoy and Jenny Vidbel, the farm is dedicated to bringing families and animals together for the enjoyment of both.

 Offering farm education to children,  Interactions with farm animals,  Children's Horsemanship, and Learning about nature

What we offer

Take in the view of the beautiful Catskill mountains while enjoying our animals. All activities by appointment only.

Petting Farm and PonyRides

Ride one of our beautiful ponies and feed the goats, alpacas and Velma the Pot Bellied pig. We can also come to you for your special event!

Children's Horsemanship Lessons

Children ages 4-12
1 hour private $50

Junior Farmers Hour

Children will learn about the responsibilities that are required in caring for  animals through hands on participation 

Jr.Farmers Summer Program

Monday-Friday 9am-2pm with options for additional afternoon hours. Start and end times are flexible! 
Our focus is on teaching children about farm life and respecting  animals and the environment we share with them. Sessions are filling up so reserve now! 
Full week $550 per child
$125 per child per day

Jenny grew up on this farm playing with ponies and watching in awe as her Grandfather communicated with many different species of animals that lived here on the farm and traveled with the family to entertainment venues across the country. Jenny has traveled the country with her group of ponies and dogs performing in theaters, fairs and even New York City’s Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden! Jenny was thrilled to have the opportunity to travel with her animal family and show audiences across the country what a wonderful partnership and relationship you can achieve with all animals through love and respect. Jenny is even more thrilled to be off the road and sharing her amazing bond with her animals  with visitors that come to their beloved farm.

Jenny Vidbel

Guillaume Dufresnoy grew up in Bordeaux, France. As a young adult he found himself in the Alps herding sheep. Although he had a great love for the mountains his longing for adventure led him to the circus where he became an aerialist. The act that he and his partner created won several awards and landed them a job with the prestigious Big Apple Circus in NYC. After retiring as a performer Guillaume decided to stay with Big Apple Circus as their General manager, then Assistant Artistic Director, Artistic director, and Executive Director. Jenny joined the show in 2010 and met her perfect match! Not only did they share a love for the performing arts and NYC, but also animals, farm life and mountains!

Guillaume Dufresnoy


Fun at the farm!

Franky the mini horse is always happy to meet new friends!

Enjoy watching the talents of our Animal family

Ride one of our beautiful ponies

Have a unicorn or cowboy themed party right here on the farm

Peaceful environment

connecting  with animals

making new friends

goat walks!

connecting with wildlife